Our Mission


We are committed to serving with kindness, compassion, and enthusiasm


Giving Song, LLC is committed to providing quality, unique, and creative music services to enhance the lives of those living in our community.

Our central aim is to aid our clients and students to achieve their fullest potential through the use of specifically designed music experiences uniquely tailored to each individual and group.


"You'll never go wrong if you build your business on Quality, Integrity, and Service"

- Kristin N. Veteto, Giving Song Owner


Here at Giving Song we LOVE what we do!  We are passionate about music therapy and the power it has on the brain and body.  

We are excited to working with YOU!  

Our Priorities:

1. Therapeutic Relationship

2. Continuing Education

3. Holistic Approach

4. Service


Therapeutic Relationship

Although we are fascinated how music facilitates physical, speech, and cognitive change in our clients; we understand the therapeutic relationship is just as important.  We are intentional about assigning each client/group with the therapist that will meet their needs best.  In the event that the therapeutic relationship should change we seek to transition that client to a therapist that will better be able to serve them.  

Continuing Education

We are intrigued by current research and the advances our profession is making.  Here at Giving Song, we are committed to continuing our education in an effort to provide high quality music services to our community. Annually we engage in continuing education at the national and regional level. Weekly we engage in continuing ed moments where our therapists share techniques, case studies, research, and other useful tools at our staff meetings.  We are always seeking other online continuing ed opportunities to enhance the services we provide. 

Holistic Approach

Our training prepares us to not only assess need areas in our clients and groups, but to look at the whole person.  We believe a person is much more than their disability or need.  Each person is unique!  Each group is unique!  We design our music strategies with the whole person/whole group in mind.  Each session is unique to that day and time and seeks to meet the needs of our clients at each session.  


The opportunity to share in your life is our greatest honor.  Working with you through your joys, sorrows, challenges, and accomplishments is why we do what we do every day.  

Music is an amazing tool to meet people where they are and to enhance relationships.