We have finally finished our website renovation! 

A brief history ------>

If you didn't know, Giving Song has not always been Giving Song.  We first started with just me (Kristin Veteto) as a sole proprietor way back in 2011 under the name KNV Music Therapy.  I began with only a few clients and now we serve a 100 mile radius of Columbia, Missouri ALL because of the power of music!  This community has shown so much excitement and joy for music therapy services and we are thrilled to be part of the growth of music therapy in this region.  

It hasn't always been easy......

As a small business, we managed to survive 3 maternity leaves in 10 months.  Yes, you heard me right... 3 in 10 months.  Add 2 interns to that and you have the recipe for chaos and.....that is what it felt like at times, but we did it!  We served our clients well, graduated 2 interns, and managed to come out the other side even stronger as a team! We were excited to welcome our 3 precious little ones to our Giving Song team and look forward to seeing them grow.   


Last fall we spent a lot of time on internal growth with continuing education and investing in our current clients.  We held a holiday party for current and past clients and had a great time making music together.  Great memories made that day!

Once January hit our focus has been on outreach and growth.  That is where I wrap up this post.  We have been working for months on new marketing material and a website renovation in an effort to better communicate our services and opportunities to our community. 

Go ahead.....take a look around.  We hope you like our new look!

Thanks for stopping by,