Creative Arts Summer Camp 2019

Creative Arts Summer Camp 2019


Duration: 1 week (5 Days)

Campers: 2 age groups (7-12; 13-19yrs)

Dates: August 5-9th

Classes: 9-11am (ages 7-12); 1-3pm (13-19yrs)

Price: $180 for the full week (or $45/day - if attending only a portion of the camp) + $10 registration fee

Theme: TRAVELING! This creative camp will include music, art, and movement to work on coping skills, transitions, and many other skills useful when traveling short or long distances. The final showcase will be an opportunity for family members to see and learn these skills and pick up generalization tips and tricks from the youth. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to the growth it will create in the campers and their families!

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