Creative Arts Summer Camp

For Youth with Special Needs

This youth summer camp is designed and directed by highly trained board certified music therapists.  

Our mission is to enhance the lives of the youth in our community through group and individual creative arts interventions by increasing collaboration and relationships, improving overall health and wellness, encouraging expression and communication, and assisting in leisure skill development and mindfulness.  


The camp includes three intervention areas!



Music interventions are designed around the session theme.  Interventions may include music making, songwriting, and many others.

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Art interventions will also support the session theme and may include clay, paint, collage-making, and more.  All material will be adapted for each camper's needs. 



Movement interventions will vary greatly depending on the needs of the campers. Interventions will include both gross and fine motor movements and adaptations.

Each week will have a different theme!

Week 4 - Emotions

Week 5 - Communication

Week 6 - Leisure Skills

Week 1 - Friendship

Week 2 - Health & Wellness

Week 3 - Mindfulness


Week 7 will be a Showcase to highlight the skills learned during this 6 week camp.  

Families and friends are encouraged to attend this event.  

A reception and refreshments will follow.

Camp Details

Duration: 6 weeks + Showcase

Dates: June 18-July 6; July 16-Aug 3rd; Showcase on August 7 & 8th

Time: 2-4pm

Classes: Ages 7-12 (Tuesdays); Ages 13-17 (Wednesdays)

Location: Giving Song Music Center (Columbia, Missouri)

Tuition: $200/camp attendee

*If you are involved with Boone County Family Resource, reach out to your case manager to inquire about attending this camp.  This camp qualifies as Recreational Therapy and may be partially or fully funded.  

Registration Deposit: $50 due at registration to hold your spot

* The registration is a portion of the total ($200); therefore, after registration the amount due is $150 after camp starts. 

* Final camp details will be sent out at the beginning of June including exact location and other camp details.  


Creative Arts Summer Camp 2018
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