Music Therapy

Individual and Group Sessions



Individual treatment sessions are provided to both private clients and facilities.  Sessions can take place in the home, school, facility, agency, or treatment center. 

Individual treatment plans are based on a client's specific needs and focus on functional goals and objectives.  


Individual Music Therapy


Direct vs Consultation

Direct services are provided between the therapist and client. Direct services are typically provided in the home, the therapy clinic, or at school, or another facility.  

Consultation sevices are provided to the parents, teachers, or other therapists working with the client.  Such services are provided when the client has shown to benefit from music in the classroom or in the home to help transitions and other functional goals.  In some instances, the music therapist will design adaptive material for parents, teachers, and othe therapists to implement with the client to improve his/her daily functioning.  


Group treatment sessions can be an effective way to promote social and emotional connections and support among clients/patients, staff, caregivers, and families.  Group therapy can be provided in the home, community, church, facility, school, agency, or a treatment center.   

Group goals and objectives are designed with the group in mind.  Group goals could include emotional regulation, social engagement, and promote group participation, to name a few.  

Groups may include class sessions, group drumming, wellness choirs/band, and family and sibling groups. 

 Music Therapy in Action.......