Music Instruction

Traditional & Adaptive


Traditional & Adaptive


  • Traditional lessons focus on a specific instrument and include aspects such as technique, music theory, performance practice, and ear training. 
  • Adaptive Lessons are tailored to those individuals of all ages who may have struggled with the traditional learning format due to cognitive, physical, or emotional challenges.  The material and format is highly tailored to the sudent including various outside approaches such as adaptive equipment, restructured lesson format, and specialized material to aid in the learning of music.  Adaptive instruction is different than music therapy in that "learning" music is the goal of the lesson.

Piano players


Piano lessons are provided to those as young as 5 years of age.  Piano lessons provide a musical environment in which to learn proper posture, technique, and valuable cognitive skills such as memory and attention.  



Voice Lessons


Voice lessons are provided to those as young as 5 years of age.  Theory, memory, and vocal production techniques are the essence for a successful vocalist at any age.  Vocal techniques include proper breath support, vocal production, and posture.  


Guitar Lessons




Guitar lessons are provided for those age 5 and older.  Lessons focus on functional learning so the students can accompany themselver or others and classical training to learn tablature and staff notation.  Such techniques include music reading, guitar positions, finger-picking, and strumming paterns.