Neurologic Music Therapy

The foundation for Giving Song, LLC is that music is a biological language and through a system of shared, extended, and optimized neuronal networks, music provides a means for habilitation and rehabilitation of functioning.

Kristin Noel Veteto
Kristin Noel Veteto Owner of Giving Song, LLC

Neurologic Music Therapy 


Neurologic music therapy (NMT) is defined as the therapeutic application of music with cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions.  Music and the Brain

NMT is  based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production and the influence of music on functional changes in nonmusical brain and behavior functions.  This neuroscience model is referred to as the Rational-Scientific Mediating Model (R-SMM) and contains four steps:


  1. Musical response: neurologic, physiological, and psychological foundations of music behavior
  2. Nonmusical parallel: processes in nonmusical brain and behavior function
  3. Mediating model: influence of music on nonmusical brain and behavior function
  4. Clinical research: therapeutic effecs of music


Important points:

  • music is processed throughout the brain alonside other areas such as speech, motor, and cognition
  • NMT techniques are based on scientific research
  • treatment interventions are standardizd to provide quality and effective musical experiences
  • NMT is committeed to providing evidence-based practice.

The information provided above is detailed in the Rhythm, Music, and the Brain illustration by Michael H Thaut.